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TxSolve is Technology Solutions, we build Solution Accelerators for Consultants & Developers working on Oracle DB, tool-sets. 

Our solutions portfolio includes Android Apps - DeepPocket, DataVisualizer. Oracle DB Solutions - Analytics/Data visualization, DataLoading, Purging, Source Code Review.

Copyright for Dashboard and Reporting App


Copyright for DataVisualizer App


Copyright for Flowchart and Code Review App


Following list has solution briefs & links for demo video. 


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Oracle Ebusiness - Dashboard Framework-

Dashboard framework using for Oracle E-Business or for any other application that runs on Oracle Database

Oracle PLSQL Profiler (Web Application/ Android App)-

This app provides Comment Density to identify critical sections in the code &Assess if its complex or easy for maintenance


Oracle Plsql FlowChart (Web Application/ Android App)-

This App helps to view & understand code logic Visually, saves effort/time during code walkthroughs


Excel Solution to Query Oracle Database

Query #Oracle DB using #Excel, Also Includes Utility for #SQL Plan and Advisor Recommendations


Oracle APEX

Oracle TCO App-OnPremise vs Cloud: TCO App-OnPremise vs Cloud built with #Oracle APEX #orclapex. App Publishes CloudCost benefits as compared to onpremise


Web App to Identify Lag in Business Process Flow - O2C, P2P: Demo of Web App - To Identify Lag in Business Process Flow using Cycle-time - P2P, O2C etc #Oracle #Ebusiness R12


PeriodClose Dashboard for Oracle Ebusiness: PeriodClose Dashboard for Oracle Ebusiness

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We provide simple & cost-effective Solutions that will help your day to day business tasks even more productive and enable you to deliver values to your customers