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About Us

TxSolve is Technology Solutions, we build Solution Accelerators for common users, IT consultants & Developers working on Web Tech,  Oracle tech. 

Our solutions portfolio includes Web Apps / Android Apps - DeepPocket, DataVisualizer. Analytics/Data visualization, DataLoading, Purging, Source Code Review, Code to Flowchart and Stock RoI.

Copyright for Dashboard and Reporting App


Copyright for DataVisualizer App


Copyright for Flowchart and Code Review App


Following list has solution briefs & links for demo video. 


Demo link:


Oracle Ebusiness - Dashboard Framework-

Dashboard framework using for Oracle E-Business or for any other application that runs on Oracle Database

Oracle PLSQL Profiler (Web Application/ Android App)-

This app provides Comment Density to identify critical sections in the code &Assess if its complex or easy for maintenance


Oracle Plsql FlowChart (Web Application/ Android App)-

This App helps to view & understand code logic Visually, saves effort/time during code walkthroughs


Excel Solution to Query Oracle Database

Query #Oracle DB using #Excel, Also Includes Utility for #SQL Plan and Advisor Recommendations


Oracle APEX

Oracle TCO App-OnPremise vs Cloud: TCO App-OnPremise vs Cloud built with #Oracle APEX #orclapex. App Publishes CloudCost benefits as compared to onpremise


Web App to Identify Lag in Business Process Flow - O2C, P2P: Demo of Web App - To Identify Lag in Business Process Flow using Cycle-time - P2P, O2C etc #Oracle #Ebusiness R12


PeriodClose Dashboard for Oracle Ebusiness: PeriodClose Dashboard for Oracle Ebusiness

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We provide simple & cost-effective Solutions that will help your day to day business tasks even more productive and enable you to deliver values to your customers

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